Customized camps available for small groups

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Adventure vacation + pT-led Fitness & Outings

We believe in empowering you to live a full and rewarding life. Join us for a rehab-focused vacation that includes accommodations, meals, local transportation and adapted activities. Our physical therapists provide exercises to improve your strength, flexibility, motor control, balance and independence. Activities include: hiking, rock climbing, cycling, kayaking, aquatics, pilates, yoga, local theaters, concerts/festivals, historic towns, museum tours, and more.

The mountain town of Bend is one of the most popular vacation sites in the country, and you can now experience it with Physical Therapists who will design a tailored week specific to your goals and needs. We offer an invigorating luxury vacation, and you will return home with renewed vision, increased strength and confidence, and memories to last a lifetime.


Cost: $3500 Per Person

  • Registration cost includes 5-6 nights lodging, local transportation, on-site therapy team, meals, event tickets, adaptive equipment, fitness sessions and all activity costs.
  • Exclusive cohort ensures a quality experience with others who are equally motivated to improve their fitness, independence, and enjoy the culture of the Pacific Northwest.
  • Support team (family, caregiver) are welcome to join.
  • Contact our team to discuss your individual needs and goals.
  • If you are a good fit for our program and need advice for raising funds, please contact our team. | 541.241.6837



“Everyone knows that exercise and physical fitness can help with the effects of a neurological condition but there aren’t many opportunities to go out and work on that with other people who are going through similar problems. It’s easy to sit around a table and talk about your health concerns but finding a group where you can talk and work on therapy skills and physical fitness at the same time actually makes changes in your quality of life. This program puts you in a real world setting where you are actually participating in activities and building the skills and confidence to then pursue those activities on your own or in a general community group.”
— Sarah, participant

Session Ratings


Beginners are welcome; outings and activities will be tailored to individuals who need seated exercises and rest breaks every 20-30min. Physical therapy sessions will focus on mobility, flexibility, independence with daily activities and full body strengthening. Fitness activities will include low impact options such as Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Aquatics, light Hiking, Kayaking and Cycling. Tourist outings will include options such as local restaurants and theaters, museum and art tours, Historic town tours, painting and cooking classes. Hikes will range from 1-2 miles with minimal elevation gain, cycling and kayaking will be variable to accommodate your individual ability.  Participants should have the endurance to participate in 30 minute therapy or fitness sessions with appropriate rest breaks.


Beginners are welcome; outings and activities will be tailored to individuals with good endurance who require few rest breaks. Physical therapy sessions will be individualized and intensive. Fitness activities will primarily include moderate intensity activities (Hiking, Kayaking, Rock Climbing, Cycling), with several low intensity activities (Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Aquatics) offered throughout the week. Tourist outings will include 1-2 hours of walking/wheeling as we explore Central Oregon. Hikes will range from 3-6 miles with moderate elevation gain, cycling up to 15 miles and kayaking up to 5 miles.  Participants should have the endurance to participate in 60-120 minute intensive therapy and fitness sessions throughout the week. Individuals in this session should have adequate endurance for multiple daily activities without breaks, often with activities lasting until after dinner. Our goal for this session is to challenge you to reach a new level of ability, confidence and endurance through a week of focused, intensive training.