Happiness is the truth

Happiness is the truth

Blog post by Carli Smythe. Carli is a new volunteer with Destination Rehab. She is insightful, welcoming, and when talking with her, you realize that she has that rare gift of being able to truly and deeply listen. She will be writing a series of blog posts, helping to launch a new "young-onset" group, developing our Ambassador program, and assisting with our 2018 Adventure Cohort. Photo: Carli is on the right, volunteering at our September event called Soar!

Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation Grant Award!

Central Oregon nonprofit Destination Rehab receives $6,520 grant


Destination Rehab is honored to announce that it has received a $6,520 Quality of Life grant from the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation. The Quality of Life program awards grants to fellow nonprofits that mirror the Reeve Foundation’s mission and commitment to foster community engagement, enhance independence and promote healthy self-esteem.

Destination Rehab will use the grant for a 5 day Adventure Rehab Camp promoting confidence and quality of life for adults ages 18+ with paralysis. This camp will be facilitated by physical therapists, held in the summer of 2018 and located in Bend. It is open to individuals from throughout Central Oregon, and participants are invited to bring a family member or friend to experience the camp alongside them. Grant funding helps offset costs so Destination Rehab can offer this opportunity at a lower cost to those with financial challenges. Destination Rehab founder Dr. Carol-Ann Nelson said, “This is an incredible opportunity for people to have a supportive environment to try out all the amazing activities we have here in Central Oregon. My hope is that each person who comes to this adventure camp will be amazed at what they are able to accomplish, and will leave with a sense of renewed confidence and passion for life.”

When asked about the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, Carol-Ann said, “I am blown away by their commitment to fund innovation and promote quality of life. It is truly an honor to be part of their community.”

 “We are continually looking for new ways for individuals living with paralysis to reintegrate themselves into the community through our grant recipient programs,” said Maggie Goldberg, VP of Policy and Programs. “Whether it is a small grant for a ramp to access a public building, or a larger award to support an accessible playground or create a transportation service, each project brings us closer to our ultimate goal of full inclusion and independence.”

Destination Rehab was founded as a Bend nonprofit in the Spring of 2016 to address issues of isolation, sedentary lifestyle, and lack of community reintegration for people with chronic conditions. Their mission is to utilize Physical Therapy to promote community participation, confidence and independence for adults with physical disabilities and neurologic conditions. They offer adventure based group outings and one-on-one physical therapy sessions, and include the participants' family members and friends in the process of education and rediscovery. The population they serve includes individuals with stroke, spinal cord injury, brain injury, Parkinson's Disease, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and more. Participants with Destination Rehab learn critical skills, gain confidence, and discover new ways to participate in the community, leading to increased confidence and quality of life. [For more information visit www.DestinationRehab.org]

The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, a national nonprofit dedicated to improving quality of life for individuals living with paralysis, announced it has awarded $809,291 to 90 nonprofits nationwide during the 1st grant cycle of 2017. The Quality of Life program conceived by the late Dana Reeve has awarded over $22 million in grants to 2,956 programs since its inception in 1999. Funding for the grants is made available through the Paralysis Resource Center (PRC) operated by the Reeve Foundation under a cooperative agreement with the Administration for Community Living in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Grant Award from Move Together!

Destination Rehab has been awarded a grant from Move Together! As a newly established organization, we are looking to engage the population we serve in the early-stage development of our program offerings. We want to create opportunities for our participants to lead, allowing them to shape the development and direction of our programming. This grant advances those goals by supporting a 10-person cohort of individuals who will meet monthly for 6 months in 2018. The program includes education,  outings, and group discussion to promote community engagement and quality of life. Applications will be posted soon, please contact us to be on our mailing list: connect@destinationrehab.org.

This is an exciting opportunity to promote independence and quality of life while enjoying the amazing outdoor and community opportunities here in Central Oregon!

"Find something to focus on"

Chair Yoga - accessible to everyone and promoting flexibility, blood flow, relaxation, postural awareness and coordination. Our yoga class this morning, led by instructor Leah Skinner, was an incredible hour! We began with participants talking about where they are currently and why they were attending the class. One gentleman shared a piece of wisdom with the group - he said that it is critical to find something external to focus on, to maintain health and dissuade the discouragement and frustration that comes when dealing with a neurologic condition. He looks for activities that get him out of the home, interacting with others and incorporating fitness into his daily routine. The class today was enhanced with hands-on stretching, cueing for posture and assistance with positioning by Carol-Ann, a licensed Physical Therapist. It is through partnerships like these that Destination Rehab gives our participants the opportunity to dream big, discover new activities, and challenge themselves to a new level of health and quality of life.

Leadership Bend Impact Summit

Destination Rehab is proud to announce that we have been selected as one of 10 nonprofits participating in the Central Oregon Impact Summit. This program offers nonprofit management classes, and culminates in a "pitch night" where nonprofits compete for a $10,000 grant! Carol-Ann (Executive Director) and Kenny (Board Treasurer) have been attending the classes and report that they so far they have learned about budget management, board development and strategic planning. They are looking forward to the last several classes and to competing for the cash award!

Stay posted for more updates!

Every month matters!

As I am looking ahead to the summer and fall, I have been contacted by several people who want to promote awareness of specific conditions by planning something during their awareness months. I thought it would be helpful to compile a list, to help promote collaboration for those who are planning activities and to honor those who have been affected. My list is focused on neurologic conditions and rehabilitation professionals.

*Please email me with anything you want added to this list!

January - "Winter Sports TBI Awareness Month"

February - "American Heart Month" and "AMD/Low Vision Awareness Month"

March - "Multiple Sclerosis Education Month"

April - "Occupational Therapy Month" and "Parkinson Awareness Month"

May - "Better Hearing and Speech" and "American Stroke Month" and "ALS Awareness Month" and "Guillain-Barre-CIDP Awareness Month"

June - "National Aphasia Awareness Month" and "Alzheimers and Brain Awareness Month"

July - 

August - 

September - "National TBI Awareness Month" and "Dystonia Awareness Month" and "National Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month"

October - "National Physical Therapy Month" and "Spina Bifida Awareness Month"

November - 

December - 

Physical Therapy Educational Conference, CSM!

What will you see when 12,000 physical therapists descend onto one city for an educational conference?

1) crowds of people walking around and sitting at restaurants, talking about "neuroplasticity", "brain-derived neurotrophic factor" and "dosing" 

2) people jumping and running with air-filled balls strapped to the bottom of their shoes

3) groups jogging around tourist areas that weren't meant to double as a running path

4) people in business slacks, lying on the ground to test out the newest foam roller

The conference was awesome. I am so impressed with the caliber of clinicians, educators and researchers that we have representing our profession. I love coming to these conferences because of the education and insight, but also because it is amazing to see how many people are working hard to bring improved function and movement to their patients at home.

San Antonio is beautiful, and we had perfect weather! The Riverwalk is a long path that runs several miles up and down the river. There are restaurants, shops, wall murals, waterfalls and rock gardens. Riverboats ferry people along the river, and you can enjoy a dinner cruise on the water, or a riverside view from a restaurant.

I am tired, but inspired. And very proud of my profession!


APTA Grant Award Announcement!

APTA Awards the 2016 Physical Activity, Exercise, and Health Promotion Grant to the Oregon Physical Therapy Association

APTA’s Clinical Practice Department has awarded the 2016 Physical Activity, Exercise, and Health Promotion grant for $10,000 to the Oregon Physical Therapy Association in support of project SOAR.  SOAR will give individuals with chronic medical or neurologic conditions an opportunity to experience and enjoy a variety of physical and community activities. Destination Rehab will be coordinating the event, located in Bend, Oregon.

SOAR, a large-scale, one-day event to promote fitness, wellness and community involvement, is affiliated with the 2017 Global PT Day of Service. Adults with a chronic medical condition, neurologic diagnosis, or other disability will be able to choose from a range of activity options to cover all interests, abilities, and fitness levels.  Activities include adapted cycling, adapted Pilates, hiking, adapted kayaking, High Desert Museum tour, Painting class and more. There is something for everyone!  Each participant will be able to choose a morning and afternoon activity.

Physical Therapists and other volunteers are invited to join the volunteer team!  Volunteers will gain visibility in the community, network with other PTs and medical professionals, learn about community-based programming, and contribute their unique skills and training to promoting healthy lifestyles.

SOAR was developed by OPTA member and Destination Rehab Executive Director Carol-Ann Nelson, PT, DPT.  It will be hosted in Bend and is open to individuals and their families who have been affected by a chronic medical or neurologic condition. Anyone throughout Oregon is invited to attend! 

For more information, visit http://www.destinationrehab.org/.