Tues/Th, Feb 2018 exercise class Bend


Tues/Th, Feb 2018 exercise class Bend

34.00 68.00

This reserves your spot for the Tues/Thurs exercise class (9:00-9:50am). It is located at Gotta Dance studio, 917 NE 8th St, Bend, OR. It is located behind Baby Phases, most of the parking is along the street. Look for a Destination Rehab sign on your first class. This class starts Feb 1st.

Terms: Billed each month, pay prior to start of the first class. Nonrefundable and nontransferable. If class is cancelled more than 1x each month (due to sickness or weather, not holidays), we will attempt to offer an additional makeup class (likely on Friday). If on monthly subscription, must provide 5 business days notice to cancel (via phone or email, must receive confirmation - connect@destinationrehab.org, 541-241-6837). No partial month payments available.

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