Improve physical function in a dynamic, challenging environment. Allow us to be part of the team that brings you to the next level of recovery and independence.


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Targeted rehab activities to address specific areas of weakness, lack of flexibility, motor control and other functional concerns. This happens most prominently during our private therapy sessions through on-on-one focused attention.


Build increased confidence, independence and work on practical skills in a functional setting. This offering is available for small groups or as a private session. We will lead participant/s in experiencing a local community event such as: the High Desert Museum, Farmer's Market shopping, local theater, Art Walk, coffee shops, local festivals and more! Training includes: navigation, communication, device use (walker, cane, wheelchair, prosthesis), opening doors and transfers, with a specific to your unique needs and goals. 


Central Oregon is an outdoor and fitness-focused town, and we are pleased to offer outdoor trips and adventures through our partnership with Oregon Adaptive Sports. Our combined programming provides comprehensive services: neuro-rehabilitation training to improve function, access to specialists in adaptive equipment, and a safe environment to experience exciting outdoor activities.

Program Overview

We provide a wide range of services because we recognize that many of our participants have conditions that change from week to week. Every person comes to us with unique challenges, goals and abilities, and we provide flexibility to accommodate your individual needs.


Several times yearly our organization sponsors free group events. These activities give our team the opportunity to meet new participants, introduce you to our organization, and provide a service for individuals with limited means.


We regularly schedule group outings and classes for a reasonable charge. These activities incorporate training in strength, posture, balance and stability. Our rehab specialists are present to give advice and provide individual instruction within the group environment.


If you want specialized, one-on-one instruction, then consider signing up for a private session. The first step is to meet with our Physical Therapist to discuss your specific goals and create a plan for treatment, including what locations in the community will best meet your needs.