Physical Therapy Educational Conference, CSM!

What will you see when 12,000 physical therapists descend onto one city for an educational conference?

1) crowds of people walking around and sitting at restaurants, talking about "neuroplasticity", "brain-derived neurotrophic factor" and "dosing" 

2) people jumping and running with air-filled balls strapped to the bottom of their shoes

3) groups jogging around tourist areas that weren't meant to double as a running path

4) people in business slacks, lying on the ground to test out the newest foam roller

The conference was awesome. I am so impressed with the caliber of clinicians, educators and researchers that we have representing our profession. I love coming to these conferences because of the education and insight, but also because it is amazing to see how many people are working hard to bring improved function and movement to their patients at home.

San Antonio is beautiful, and we had perfect weather! The Riverwalk is a long path that runs several miles up and down the river. There are restaurants, shops, wall murals, waterfalls and rock gardens. Riverboats ferry people along the river, and you can enjoy a dinner cruise on the water, or a riverside view from a restaurant.

I am tired, but inspired. And very proud of my profession!