"Find something to focus on"

Chair Yoga - accessible to everyone and promoting flexibility, blood flow, relaxation, postural awareness and coordination. Our yoga class this morning, led by instructor Leah Skinner, was an incredible hour! We began with participants talking about where they are currently and why they were attending the class. One gentleman shared a piece of wisdom with the group - he said that it is critical to find something external to focus on, to maintain health and dissuade the discouragement and frustration that comes when dealing with a neurologic condition. He looks for activities that get him out of the home, interacting with others and incorporating fitness into his daily routine. The class today was enhanced with hands-on stretching, cueing for posture and assistance with positioning by Carol-Ann, a licensed Physical Therapist. It is through partnerships like these that Destination Rehab gives our participants the opportunity to dream big, discover new activities, and challenge themselves to a new level of health and quality of life.