4 Must-Have Items to Help You Conquer the Trail

1)      Hiking poles – these are a great, sporty option for you if there is a chance you will be fatigued and need extra balance support. Many people like them because they don’t look like medical devices, but can be used for added stability during a walk over uneven ground.

2)      Portable chair – bring a chair that you can carry like a bag! This can be really helpful when you feel fatigued and can’t find a place to sit down.

3)      Wicking layers of clothing – this means no cotton. When you sweat, cotton material gets cold and does not dry quickly. Stock up on some layers (short and long sleeve) made of synthetic or sport material so you can stay comfortable and not overheat or get too cold.

4)      Cooling towel – if you are in a hot climate, get a cooling towel to bring with you. These towels are made of special material that cools as it dries. Get it wet before you leave, and use it on the trail to cool your head, face or neck.