Soar! 2018 Participant FAQ

1) What does the ticket cost provide?

A fun day of adventure and new experiences! Your ticket covers a full day of adapted fitness and outdoor activities, catered lunch on-site, and a goodie bag! You may bring one adult family member or caregiver at no charge. The site we are renting is city owned and has been built to ADA standards.

2) How do I register for the event?

Please pre-register (prior to the event) to ensure we have enough equipment, volunteers and food. There are limited spots, and pre-registration will close on September 13. There may be limited registrations available the day of the event.

Scholarships: The number of scholarships available will depend on donations received. Please contact us to be placed on our waitlist or to make a donation to support someone with limited means.

3) Can I bring my dog?

Service dogs are welcome, however please do not bring your pet from home.

4) What is the transportation situation?

Once you have arrived at The Pavilion in Bend, we will provide needed w/c accessible transportation for offsite activities such as kayaking.

5) How is the day structured?

The main event is from 10am-2:30pm and you can come for as long as you like! There will be many activities available at The Pavilion throughout the day. You will receive details and instructions at check-in that morning. Lunch will be provided around 12:30pm onsite, and there will be a celebration party at the end of the day!

8) What if I have dietary restrictions?

Our lunch catering will provide vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options.

7) Are there scholarships available?

We have made every attempt to keep the cost of this event at a minimum. If you cannot attend without financial assistance, please email or call us:, 541-241-6837

8) Can you provide help with toileting or eating during the day?

There are fully accessible ADA bathrooms onsite. We will not be able to provide personal support beyond assisting with sport related adaptive equipment, transfers for activities and other activity-related assistance. If you purchase a ticket, we invite you to bring one caregiver/family member at no cost.

9) What are the rules about alcohol and smoking?

There will not be any alcohol or smoking allowed on premises at the event. Thank you for respecting this!

Other questions, please email or call us:, 541-241-6837