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What Exactly is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a medical condition that occurs when the creation of new bone in the body is slower than the resorption of old bone, causing the bones to become weak and brittle. This can lead to pain, stooped posture, and bones that fracture much more easily than normal, especially in the spine and lower legs.


Who Does Osteoporosis Affect?

While Osteoporosis can affect a variety of men and women, the following population groups are more likely to develop Osteoporosis:

-         Women are more likely to develop it than men

-         Older age (risk of developing increases proportionately with age)

-         White or Asian descent

-         Small body frame size (due to less bone mass)

-         Sedentary Lifestyle


How Can Exercise Help?

While there is no known “cure” for Osteoporosis, exercise can help build strong bone and muscle and decrease the rate of bone loss. Balance training is also important for reducing fall risk.  Beneficial types of exercise include but aren’t limited to:

-         Strength / Resistance Training

-         Weight Bearing Activities (i.e. walking, jogging, stair climbing)

-         Postural Training

-         Core Stabilization

-         Balance Training

* Exercises such as swimming, cycling, and use of machines (i.e. elliptical) aren’t effective for building bone strength as they lack the weight bearing component that stimulates bone growth.


That’s Where We Come In!

Designed to help you stay fit and active in a community environment, Destination Rehab Osteoporosis Exercise Classes have your bone health in mind.  Our twice weekly exercise classes focus on improving movement, endurance, strength, posture, balance and overall fitness….and we have lots of fun!! 

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