Mountain vacation + Physical therapy boot camp + Outdoor adventure

Improve your Independence, Confidence & Fitness

We offer 3-7 days of intensive physical rehabilitation paired with outdoor activity, fitness and wellness. Explore Central Oregon and the amazing mountains, rivers and lakes we have here! Led by Rehabilitation Therapists, customized for you! This program is for people with stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis and other neurologic conditions.

Adventure Rehab Vacation:

  • All-inclusive (lodging, meals, therapist time, activity costs, equipment, etc).

  • Work on your goals for outdoor adventure and independence.

  • Intensive week with therapists giving you challenges to improve your independence, confidence, fitness and ability level.

  • Caregivers welcome to join at very low cost.

  • 3-7 days long, depending on your preference.

  • Outdoor activities (adapted as needed): cycling, hiking, fishing, rock climbing, running, kayaking, cave tour, stand up paddle boarding, and more!

  • Cultural activities: High Desert Museum, historic Tower Theater, visit the cowboy town of Sisters OR, geological tour, etc.

  • Train for an upcoming race, walk or bike ride!


Example of what it would cost on your own for 5 nights:

Hotel (peak season) - $279 x5 = 1,395

Car rental + gas- $60 x5 = $300

Equipment rentals (kayak, bike, etc), 1-2 per day - $95 x5 = $475

Food - $40 x5 = $200

Physical therapist led activities (6hr per day) - $95 x6 x5 = $2,850

Permits, parking, museum fees - 25 x5 = $125

Medical equipment, accessible vehicle, other unknowns - $100

Locally sourced gift basket - $150

Total estimated value: $5,595

Our cost: $4,250

“This program puts you in a real world setting where you are participating in activities and building the skills and confidence to do it on your own.”
— Sarah - Participant
“Coming to this camp has given me a lot more confidence to push my boundaries and do more than I ever thought I could do.”
— Bill, participant