Destination Rehab isn’t your average physical therapy clinic…  We’re a non-profit that has been giving back to the Central Oregon community by offering individuals undergoing rehab to experience the beautiful outdoors of the pacific northwest.

We are focused on the rehabilitation of individuals with chronic conditions including: Spinal Cord Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Brain Injury, Dystonia, ALS, Stroke, Amputation, Parkinson's, and Guillain-Barre.

For many of our participants this is an opportunity they otherwise wouldn’t have. The chance to work on rehabilitation outdoors, with a group of devoted and motivated individuals is life changing. Our therapy extends freedom and hope to all we help.

Our efforts have allowed us to to share many success stories with our participants… Let me tell you about one individual close to our hearts who had a complete transformation.

Bill came to a Destination Rehab Adventure Camp after suffering an anoxic brain episode. He was unable to walk or talk and was in medical care for months without physical therapy.

After working with us Bill was able to push past his own limitations. At our adventure he was able to hike, kayak, paddle board, and even rock climb…

Now he’s well on his way to reclaiming his independence and meeting his goal of driving and going back to work.

To hear more about Bill’s story in his own words, please watch the video below.



There are so many stories like Bill’s. That’s why everyday at Destination Rehab we strive to change lives through our mission...


To build confidence and independence for individuals with neurological conditions-
Through Physical Therapy based community training and adventure challenges.


This is more than adaptive sports, or group based physical therapy… This is Rehab in the Real World.

And your help is the key to our success.

Would you consider donating just $20 to help us achieve our mission?

Our mission depends on the support and compassion of donors like you. Your support is what powers us to continue give our therapy services to those in need.

Donate now by clicking the link below. Every donation goes to supporting participants through our personal and Adventure Camp Services.

Thank you for your commitment to our work and supporting all our participants.

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