Building confidence and independence for individuals with neurologic conditions through Physical Therapy based community training and adventure challenges.


Destination Rehab is a non-profit that has been giving back to the Central Oregon community since 2016. We are focused on the rehabilitation of individuals with chronic conditions including: Spinal Cord Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Brain Injury, Dystonia, ALS, Stroke, Amputation, Parkinson's, and Guillain-Barre.

We provide Physical Therapist-led outings and training to promote improved community integration and quality of life. Every activity has a distinct rehab focus, with unique goals for each individual. Examples include: wheelchair navigation at a local coffee shop, ambulation practice at a busy festival, seated balance and trunk rotation on a kayak, multitasking at the farmer's market, obstacle navigation on a trail, and assistive device training on paths along the Deschutes River.

 Physical Therapy

Customized one-on-one physical therapy sessions in the community. This provides a more intensive and focused rehab session than our group classes.

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Group Classes

Designed to help you stay fit and active in a community environment, our exercise classes bring you to the next level of freedom and independence. 

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Adventure Camp

Join us for an all inclusive rehab-focused vacation centered on outdoor activities in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Our Adventure Camp can take you to the next level of freedom and independence. Improve your strength, flexibility, balance and motor control. 

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This has filled a crucial hole in
taking back my life, my quality of life has increased ten-fold!”
— Linda, participant

Destination Rehab is supported by community donations, which stay in Central Oregon and will help someone achieve greater independence and quality of life.