How are you different from traditional therapy?

Traditional physical therapy is incredibly important to the recovery process and we are not trying to replace it, but to provide an additional avenue for accomplishing therapy goals. Most of our activities are based outdoors or in the community, so we are able to utilize natural barriers that are often not available in the clinic environment. We help our participants leap to a new level of confidence and skill through unique challenges and a more focused timeframe. Our program could be utilized to enhance a regular therapy program, or as a way to break into a new skill set.

Are you similar to an adaptive sports program?

Think of our program as specialized training and coaching to help you better participate in your local adaptive sports program. We work with you on specific goals and training to build your skills and confidence so that you can continue your favorite activities year round!

What are the participant requirements and expectations?

Our program is built to offer services to a wide range of abilities and fitness levels. We do not provide nursing care or personal care such as toileting, dressing, feeding, etc. Participants are invited to bring their caregiver or other support team member along, and we will work with you to accommodate them on an individual basis.

We expect every participant to arrive with the willingness to work hard and ready to cheer on others (group outings). Positive support is a huge aspect of recovery and we can encourage each person to reach even greater accomplishments than they would have thought possible. We are a team, and we are committed to work together to see everyone achieve their goals.

How do I know this program is right for me?

If you have made it this far into the website, then chances are this is a perfect program for you! We will help you define your specific goals, you just need the desire to be challenged and the willingness to work hard! We recognize that specific needs can vary greatly, so we encourage you to contact us so that we can come up with a plan that fits your abilities and goals.

What if I can't afford it?

We are tirelessly working to find funding opportunities so that everyone has the opportunity to participate in our program. We encourage you to seek sponsorship from family, friends and charitable foundations. Click on the scholarship application at the bottom of our website.

Do you allow minors to participate?

We primarily offer activities for 16+, however we do make exceptions on an individual basis. Contact us for specific details.

I want to bring a caregiver or support person with me. How does that work?

Please bring a family member or friend to experience community alongside you! We also offer caregiver training and can adapt to your specific needs. Sometimes there is an additional cost for a family member to join.