Adventure Rehab Retreat

Explore the amazing mountains, rivers and lakes of Central Oregon!

Led by Neurologic Physical Therapists, customized for you! 

This program is for adults ages 18-90+ with stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis and other neurologic conditions.

June 24-28, 2020

August 19-23, 2020

(We can create custom dates for your group)

What is included:

  • Personal goal tracking throughout the week, with measured tests so you can see your progress!

  • Individualized time working with experienced Neurologic Physical Therapists.

  • Physical challenge outings to explore Central Oregon: hike, kayak, rock climb, bike, run, cave tour, zip line - these are just a few examples!

  • Fitness sessions tailored to you.

  • Education on neurology and health related topics.

  • Equipment and costs related to activities is included.

  • Lodging, food, activities, equipment, local transportation also included.

  • Shared housing with your own private room.

  • Make new friends, join a community of support!

  • Bring a caregiver or friend at a reduced cost.

Estimated Cost: $5000

  • Lodging, food = $1800

  • Personal instruction, equipment rentals = $2100

  • Fitness sessions and health education = $1000

  • Local transportation, activity fees = $600

Your cost: $3590

Thank you to our donors who make this possible! Scholarships are available, just ask!

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“This program puts you in a real world setting where you are participating in activities and building the skills and confidence to do it on your own.”
— Sarah - Participant
“Coming to this retreat has given me a lot more confidence to push my boundaries and do more than I ever thought I could do.”
— Bill, participant